We are a family owned business. We began as a small box in an old mechanics garage in Nov 2011. Since then, we have moved into a 5400 sq ft facility and have built a great community here. We offer small group classes led by CrossFit Coaches that make certain that athletes receive adequate instruction before and during each workout. At CrossFit Tundra, we take a back-to-basics approach with our program teaching basic body weight movements (i.e. pull ups, push ups), barbell powerlifting and Olympic lifting techniques, and conditioning. Each workout presents athletes of all levels with mental and physical challenges that bring them closer to reaching and surpassing their fitness goals. All workouts are perfectly scalable according to experience level and athletic ability.

CrossFit benefits everyone from the office worker to the elite athlete. We believe fitness means being able to perform well in different movements and different time domains. You are coached to develop skill and strength in functional movements while completing different workouts daily after which you will witness dramatic physical and mental changes in yourself.

Beginners Class- all Athletes are required to start in the beginner classes. If the time does not work out with your schedule,  we can work something out. Class is Mon-Thurs and we begin a cycle every other week. Discounts apply.

The ‘Beginners class’ cost is $195.00 for the first month and will cover 2 Functional Movement Screening sessions with a licensed Physical Therapist and the nine basic movements of  CrossFit: squat, front squat, overhead squat – press, push press, push  jerk – deadlift, sumo high pull deadlift, and the medicine ball clean. In  addition, successive workouts gradually increase in intensity based on  the athlete’s capacity.

We offer small group classes led by Level 1 and 2 CrossFit Coaches who will motivate you to perform at your best.  Each class is designed to challenge you physically and mentally.  We strive to bring elite fitness to all individuals, regardless of their current fitness level.  Beware, we are not a globo-gym!  We have no ellipticals, no smoothie bar, no mirrors, and no excuses!!!  Just an intense workout designed daily to suit each individual’s needs.  It’s not easy.  You will leave each session feeling exhilarated and exhausted at the same time.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to expect more from your workout!

Monthly Unlimited is $130/month. Please contact us at christa@crossfittundra.com or chad@crossfittundra.com with any questions or to set up an appointment.

Drop-ins that have completed a fundamentals class are welcome- $20