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Friday, October 24, 2014
Happy Birthday Aaron W
Welcome Wyatt & Cassy

1) Front Squat
10x3 across

2) 10-8-6-4-2 Clean 155/95#
2 rounds of 'Cindy' after each set

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Thursday, October 23, 2014
Happy Birthday Jarrod & jessica k
Snatch Work 102314

1) Snatch
A. Snatch grip push press from behind the neck
B. Snatch grip push jerk from behind the neck
C.Snatch balance  
D. High hang squat snatch  
quickly work up to a heavy single in each lift
*score is combined weight in all lifts

1st550 RxRane Thu,Oct 23,2014
2nd510 RxKimmy Thu,Oct 23,2014
3rd480 RxNatalie Thu,Oct 23,2014
1st780 RxLuke Thu,Oct 23,2014
2nd760 RxGarcia Thu,Oct 23,2014
3rd700 RxCharlie Thu,Oct 23,2014

Alex Ca560 Rx
Hana325 Rx
Colton400 Rx
Charles390 Rx
Jess P280 Rx
Josh L590 Rx
Cassy335 Rx
Ole325 Rx
Cindy190 Rx
Chris Ho690 Rx
Rebecca410 Rx
Rane550 Rx
Kimmy510 Rx
Charlie700 Rx
Garcia760 Rx
Wyatt650 Rx
Amanda140 Rx
Hannah E440 Rx
Laramie530 Rx
Luke780 Rx
Natalie480 Rx
Cyle400 Rx
George595 Rx
Erin B405 Rx
Brendon500 Rx