Getting Started


New to Crossfit? This is how we get you started…

Take the CrossFit Fundamentals class for functional movement & fitness. The first class will be Free.

We require all new clients to attend a series of 7 one hour sessions that will systematically teach the fundamental movements of crossfit during a two week period. Workouts incorporate gymnastics, Olympic lifting, kettlebells, running, rowing and various other skills incorporated into exciting and challenging “workouts of the day” (WOD). See “What is Crossfit” for more details. The classes must be taken in sequence as programmed. The intro is offered every 2 weeks. The On ramp fundamentals class will be Mon-Thurs of your first week at 5:30pm and Mon-Wed of the 2nd week at 5:30pm. There will be an Intro-WOD (I-WOD) available on the Friday and Saturday of each week so that you can continue to work on the skills you have learned that week or the previous weeks. At the completion of the week and a half, you start attending the regular group sessions. Email to sign up for the next Fundamentals Course.

*College students with ID-$89.99 unlimited

*Adult memberships from $80-$130

*Unlimited memberships include-CrossFit, olympic lifting, yoga and mobility classes

Some helpful reading is available to gain some understanding of the basic functional movements that will be practiced. They are available in pdf documents on the Crossfit Journal. The documents are titled “What is Fitness” and “Foundations.”

Here is a great post about “10 Tips For Success For The CrossFit Newbie” from CrossFit Delaware Valley.

If you think you should be excused from the required “Fundamentals Course” please email to set up an appointment with a trainer. If you are competent at all moves, you can go straight to group WOD session signup. If the trainer determines that you need to take a few of the intro sessions, you will be charged accordingly.